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PLAYGO Personal Hearing Result

Hearing Curve Test

Get our own Golden Hearing Curve, by running the AI algorithm on the App.

PLAYGO BH70 AI Headset


Get total control of your music with the inbuilt equaliser that lets you customise your listening experience basis your hearing profile.

PLAYGO BH70 Headphones


Control noise cancellation on your PLAYGO headset by choosing from the two modes available on the PLAYGO APP.

PLAYGO Settings

Flight Mode

Designed for in-flight sleep, if the Flight Mode is enabled on the app and no music is playing, the headset won’t automatically switch off and will continue to cancel noise.

Play Headphones settings

Transparent Mode

Capture ambience sound by turning on the Transparent Mode on the app and turn off noise cancellation by cupping the left side of your headset.

Play Wireless Headphones settings

Enjoy Music on-the-go with PLAYGO APP

Auto Play & Pause Customize your app to pause music automatically when you take off your headset and resume when you put it on again.

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